God is not a man, that he should lie! Christ prayed to, fasted for and taught the One God of Abraham!

About The eBook

Do You Know Christ?

  • His Proper Name (not Jesus)
  • His true Message & Mission
  • His Prophesy and those who follow him today

No One Knows the Hour!

Yet Christ is returning soon! Read about the signs of his return and what you need to do right now to save your soul before it's too late!

The Gog and Magog

What does white supremacy have to do with Christ? Why do many of the AltRight and NeoNazis reject Christ for Odin and the pagan Norse religion? Learn about the legacy of the Gog and Magog and what God has planned for them!

Now It Is Your Turn - Each One Teach One

  • Christ spoke Aramaic not Greek, we show the proof from the bible
  • Christ prayed, fasted and worshiped God alone, just as he taught
  • Christ promoted God supremacy not white supremacy
  • Christ, the disciples and the early believers in his message were Muslims bowing to Almighty God 's will following the path of the Patriarchs Abraham and Moses (peace be upon them all) 

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